How to Double Your Sales 

How to Double Your Sales With 3 Counter-Intuitive Techniques The Sales Books Don’t Teach

(The same techniques I've used to hit 7-figures again and again!)

How to Double Your Sales 

How to Double Your Sales With 3 Counter-Intuitive Techniques The Sales Books Don’t Teach

(The same techniques I've used to hit 7-figures again and again!)

Sales people get a bad rap. Insurance Agents and Financial Advisors are no different. You have a solution that will really help people – but have trouble getting past their defenses. 

It's not your fault.
Everything you've been taught about sales is wrong. 

Most people’s heads are filled with friends’ stories and their own past experiences being pressured to buy.

And the sad thing is, these tactics don't drive great results. 


Cringeworthy Sales No-No's

  •  Doesn't try to build a relationship
  • ​Pressures to buy NOW
  • Relentless, even when the customer is clearly not interested
  • Talks to much about themselves and their product/service
  • Doesn’t listen to the prospect
  • Makes wildly unrealistic promises to close a deal
  • Tries to covers up the flaws in the product or service
  • ​Won’t let the prospect get a word in edgeways
  • Talks faster when pressured
There is a core principle that you have to realize about people...
And once you do, it will change EVERYTHING.

Nobody Likes To Be Sold!

BUT, people LOVE to buy things.
Think about when you walk into your favorite stores.

Beyond the products they had – what do you love about going there?

Odds are your favorite stores became your favorites because of the experience you had.

So you go back time and time again.
Now, say you were to walk into that same store, and you were approached by a high-pressured salesperson.

If that person follows you around on the floor, repeatedly asking you if you need help or interjecting their opinion on every item you look at, how would that make you feel?

I’m sure it would turn you off.

So often, we do the same thing to our prospects. 

Instead of listening and forming a real relationship, we pressure.

On The Other Hand…

You probably had an experience where you purchased a product you LOVED, and the sales person did a great job helping you.
They asked you questions, listened to your needs, and ultimately helped solve your problem.
When you help people have a pleasant experience when purchasing from you, it ultimately helps boost the results of yourself, and your entire sales team.

When you operate from a place of integrity, you’re seen as a helpful professional rather than a sleazy sales rep.
I’d like to help you do just that.

Who Am I, And Why Should You Listen to Me? Allow Me to Introduce Myself...

I’m JM Ryerson.

I’ve been a business leader and entrepreneur for 20+ years, and built 4 successful businesses.

I’ve been in sales since 2000, and here’s a short timeline of my career:
  • 2004: Won “Rookie of the Year” and “Top Agent of the Year” for Promark Financial.
  • ​2004-2009: Co-founded Affinity Group, became Vice President and CFO and grew to 8 offices around the country.
  • 2010-2014: COO at Asurea Financial and became the top independent organization in the country.
  • 2014-present: Chief Leadership Officer at Appreciation Financial and grew from 2 to 49 offices around the country.
  • ​2019-present: CEO & Co-founder of Let's Go Win
Currently, I’m the host of the “Let's Go Win” podcast and author of “Let’s Go Win!: The Keys to Living Your Best Life and Champion's Daily Playbook”.

I’m not telling you my resume to “brag” by any means…

However, I am sharing this to convey that I’ve been in this industry for years, and discovered 3 Counter Intuitive Ways to thrive as a sales professional in any organization without being perceived as “sleazy.”

My background is in the financial niche, but this can be learned by anyone in this profession, no matter what niche or industry.

And they do not require years of training and they are not overly complicated to implement into your daily habits. In fact...

I Don’t Want You to Fall For This “Trap”...

When it comes to boosting your sales results, some people tend to make it more complex than it should be.

Some people feel like they need the right degree dozens of books and blog posts dozens of videos online

In order to boost their output, and maximize the effectiveness of their teams.
I’m here to tell you that you should NOT fall into this trap.
With sales, it all comes down to a few simple, easy to implement strategies. 

The small hinges that swing big doors.

Over the past few years, I’ve learned what works, and what doesn’t.

You DO NOT need an entire manual of “tactics” to memorize in order to thrive in this profession.

However, there are a few vital techniques you'll need to nail down to make a dramatic difference during your sales conversations...
And I decided to distill them into an easy to follow program.


The “Nobody Likes to Be Sold” Course! 


The “Nobody Likes to Be Sold” Course! 

This is a 3-part course that contains simple yet counter-intuitive steps to conduct any sales conversation…

By the end of it, you’ll be able to DOUBLE your sales and the effectiveness of yourself or your sales team.

In this course, you’ll learn:

Section 1: Starting The Conversation

  • Why practice does not necessarily make perfect
  • ​Avoid the mistakes most sales people make
  • ​How to never get stuck in the awkward conversations at the start of your presentations, ever again
  • ​How to open any sales conversation with intent
  • ​The #1 factor that helped me break a sales record my rookie year

Section 2: 3 Core Techniques to Double Your Sales

  • Two key questions to ask clients when building rapport
  • ​A key indicator to know how well a sales conversation is going
  • ​Who you must treat your prospect like in order to best serve them
  • ​The questions you should avoid at all cost!
  • ​The 3 reasons people do not move forward with you (and how to counter them) 

Section 3: Ending the Conversation: Where the Real Magic Happens

  • The single, simple question you should always ask to constantly improve at your craft

You’ll Get Lifetime Access!

You’ll get my fundamental sales strategies for doubling you and your team’s output—at your fingertips for the rest of your life.

The “Nobody Likes to Be Sold” Course! 


ONLY: $37

Frequently Asked Questions

About Nobody Likes to Be Sold

"What if I fall behind?"

Don't worry about falling behind — each video is distilled down to just the "bite-sized" essentials and includes specific examples so you can spend your time taking action instead of reviewing tons of content.

Nobody Likes to Be Sold also comes with lifetime access so you can take a break from the material if you'll be out of town, on vacation, or just get swamped for a few days. You'll have this resource for life. It will always be there when you're ready.

"I don't want this to become yet another thing on my to-do list…"

The last thing we need is another thing to juggle. This isn't another set of to-dos you’ll have to force yourself to find extra time for. It's not a Band-Aid or a workaround.

Nobody Likes to Be Sold is a condensed, at-your-own-pace program that will show you how to see an immediate boost in your results as a sales professional.

"How long will this course take?"

Each video is short and focused. We recommend going through one lesson per day, and with lifetime access you can revisit them whenever you like. If you're ready, you can learn the fundamental secrets of the top 1% of sales professionals.

An Unbeatable Guarantee:

Try "Nobody Likes To Be Sold”  For A Full 30 Days, 100% Risk-Free

We've packed a lot of actionable advice, and I want to make sure that you not only get all that content before you fully commit to this — I want to give you at least one month to digest it, and integrate it into your daily life, and make sure this is really working for you.
Try the entire course. 30 days is more than enough time to take the course at least twice and then decide. If you don't LOVE it, I insist that you get 100% of your money back.

It's simple:  Join the program and try it for yourself. If the powerful exercises and word-for-word phrases and techniques don't help improve your sales career, email our team and we will refund your money.

You Have Nothing to Lose!

You don’t have anything to lose here. I am standing behind this program with a guarantee because of how confident I am in it.

You might believe that salespeople are born, not made.

Not true. 
You can learn to sell well.
It is a skill set that can be taught, trained, and developed. Like any other human skill, if you are willing to do the work, you can learn.

I’ve been in this industry for 20+ years.

I’ve spent years refining, perfecting, and coaching the art of sales.

My promise is: 
If you put these into practice, you’ll see almost an IMMEDIATE boost in your sales output.
Click the button below to join, and I will see you on the inside.

About JM Ryerson

JM Ryerson is an entrepreneur and Mindset Coach who has been building companies and leading sales teams for 20+ years. JM is the co-founder and CEO of Let's Go Win whose mission is to increase leadership, enhance culture and help teams achieve peak performance.

JM believes that everything rises and falls on leadership. Based on this belief, he has spent his career focused on enriching the lives of others while continuing to educate himself on best practices in leadership, vulnerability and teamwork. His ability to impart some of this knowledge to you might be his greatest contribution to you and your team's success.

JM’s great passions are helping team members lead a life of fulfillment and become vulnerable and open to what life has in store for them. His ultimate goal is to give others the tools that will allow them to transcend their self-limiting beliefs. There is nothing more inspiring than to watch someone achieve more than they could ever imagine. That is why JM considers it a real privilege to be a part of other people's incredible journeys.

JM was raised in Montana and lives in Boca Raton, Florida, with his wife Lisa and their two amazing boys.

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